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Maudio keystation pro 88





Maudio keystation pro 88.



Atheros ar5005 g





Atheros ar5005 g.


Liantec: new Tiny-Bus daughterboards

Liantec, which developed the Tiny-Bus standard for mini-ITX motherboards, has expanded its line of daughter cards. Tiny-Bus includes PCI Express, AGP and PCI interfaces. The dimensions of daughterboards of this format are only 73 x 90 mm, currently Liantec offers the following solutions:

  • TBM-1610 – NVIDIA MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) based graphics adapter with PCI Express x16 interface, equipped with LVDS, DVI VGA and component outputs;
  • TBM-16SDVOA and TBM-16SDVOA – expansion modules including a DVI transmitter and HDTV encoder based on Intel SDVO (Serial Digital Video Output);
  • TBM-1230 – 4-port Ethernet 10/100 Mbps switch;
  • TBM-1210 – expansion module with two PCMCIA slots based on Ricoh R5C486 controller.

You can see the full list of Tiny-Bus daughterboards here.


Liantec motherboards equipped with Tiny-Bus:

  • ITX-6900 based on Intel 915GM chipset, support for PCI Express x16, Intel SDVO, PCI;
  • ITX-6800 – Intel Embedded Centrino platform, AGP x4, Intel DVO, PCI;
  • ITX-6700 – AMD Embedded Geode NX Platform, AGP x4, SiS VB, PCI.


In addition, Liantec offers turnkey solutions based on a 1U mini-ITX case with dimensions of 380 x 195 x 44 mm. At the moment, the company’s website does not have information about prices for new items and their specifications.

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