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Machine Features..Machine Upgrades — AKU SHAPER


Machine Upgrades — AKU SHAPER Latest Innovations & Machine Upgrades. 4 Axis Router With our unique design you will be able to cut out either a swallow tail, channels, fin plugs, leash plugs, carbon inlays or all of the above in seamless fashion. Mar 24,  · Aku Shaper. 1, likes · 8 talking about this. The world’s leading surfboard CAD-CAM software and hardware suite, AkuShaper is created from a . Aku Shaper is a practical and intuitive software solution geared towards users who need to design their own surfboard, based on specific width, thickness, length and curve dimensions. Especially.


Akushaper.Machines (CSM) — AKU SHAPER

The world’s leading surfboard CAD / CAM software and hardware suite, AkuShaper is designed purely from a board designer’s perspective with a dedicated focus on continuous improvement. Mar 24,  · Aku Shaper. 1, likes · 8 talking about this. The world’s leading surfboard CAD-CAM software and hardware suite, AkuShaper is created from a . 1, Followers, Following, 77 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Mike Rickard (@akushaper) posts.

Custom Shaping Machine.
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4 Axis Router
AMD: we will release a quad-core six months earlier

On the
the last conference dedicated to the results of the company’s financial activities
AMD in the second quarter,
the answer was given to the sounded
Intel’s statement yesterday
on its intention to force plans for the release of quad-core solutions (Kentsfield and

As for the results of the second quarter of AMD,
then we will probably return to them a little later, but for now we will just note,
that they weren’t as rosy as planned, but still better than
competing company, according to the source. Market situation between these two
companies is such that AMD is trying to maintain its
positions earned recently, and Intel,
on the contrary, he tries to attack with all his might
“On all fronts”(read in all market segments), actively using their current, very
successful weapon in the face of Core architecture and processors
Core 2 duo.

Actually, at the conference, the words were heard that
abandoned by Intel
is accepted and AMD is also ready to accelerate the pace of release
their new products. According to the statement of the head of the company, Dirk Meyer (Dirk
Meyer), AMD will showcase 65nm processors
technological standards at the end of this year and will try to transfer to 65-nm
process technology for all their processor lines. Moreover, it is planned to reduce
technological lag behind Intel – 45nm norm
it is planned to master and introduce in 18 months. after going to 65nm
production… This despite the fact that both companies, Intel and
AMD usually spend on such a regular, more
delicate technical process, exactly 24 months. Thus, we should see the first workers
samples of 45nm processors already at the end of 2021 – beginning of 2021. There is a desire
AMD close its technology gap from 12 months. before
half of this period.

And, of course, an equally important mention was made
Mr. Meyer that the company is actively working on a new architecture,
known to us as
It will be a native quad core, which is planned
release “in
to please Intel “by mid-2021
of the year. Previously, the terms were called nothing else than
early 2021.
We observe a half-year forcing events (release rates)!

K8L Processors,
are expected to consume significantly less energy than 4-core
Intel’s Kentsfield and Clovertown.

As noted
source, between the lines in Meyer’s speech there was an admission that on
Intel has now taken the lead thanks to
its Core 2 Duo processors, but this is only a temporary phenomenon, another round of
history, this has already happened and more than once – the leader’s crown is passing from
from one manufacturer to another and back. He also looks forward to a sequel
this “tradition”. In addition, Meyer noted that, in fact, the very fact of superiority in
performance of top solutions of competing companies is important only to a narrow circle
enthusiasts. The main market is not so sensitive to this. And for enthusiasts,
AMD also has something in store – a new AMD platform
4×4. Already this initiative of the company, according to Dirk Meyer, is already in advance
captured the minds, hearts and, most importantly, the wallets of the consumer.

In the mass market of desktop solutions, AMD has difficult
time… Winnings can only be expected in the server and mobile segment
decisions. In the second quarter, the desktop processor market sometimes demanded such discounts,
that the company simply had to focus on other areas of its
microprocessor activities, in which one could still expect to receive serious

Summed up what was said during the conference
AMD CEO Hector Ruiz
Ruiz), noting that the microprocessor business has moved into a certain
a new state in which the market moves away from benchmarks and enters a protracted
a phase of constant “innovation, choice, open and fair competition”.

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