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Rainbow strobe light


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Moodlight PRO Online Strobe/Disco/Party Light Tempo. BPM @x 1. Strobe Lights – Shop for Strobe Lights at Save money. Live better.


Rainbow strobe light.Verify your identity

Moodlight PRO Online Strobe/Disco/Party Light Tempo. BPM @x 1. �� SUBSCRIBE for future videos �� ?sub_confirmation=1More colors and times at It drips water down to the bottom but uses a strobe light to create the illusion. If you don’t like strobe lights then this product isn’t for you. One other thing to note. The video shows a cat swatting at the water without the glass covers in the picture. It will run that way but it also splashes a little so you probably want to use the glass /5(47).
Verify your identity
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Moodlight PRO – Free Online Strobe/Disco/Party Light
Western Digital increases the density of HDD platters to 160 GB

Western Digital has published a short press release announcing the start of serial production of 3.5 “Caviar hard drives based on 160 GB platters. This allows, for example, to produce a 480 GB HDD using only three platters.

Next-generation Caviar drives also include Ramp Load technology, proven in laptop HDDs. Ramp Load parks the heads when the device is idle or spins the spindle. Porting technology from the mobile sector is associated with the desire to increase the reliability of desktop HDDs, and at the same time to reduce their power consumption. We think the manufacturer will provide users with software that will allow them to turn off Ramp Load in order to increase productivity.

WD has not yet announced details of new models that will use 160GB platters. The point is only that the new Caviar will be released with the Serial ATA interface.

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